Don’t Diet

People with fluctuating weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and/or blood sugar levels are at higher risk of heart attack and stroke than those with more stable readings. Having more measures that fluctuate adds to the risk.⠀

This is the first study to suggest that high variability of these risk factors has a negative impact on relatively healthy people. The study is also the first to indicate that having multiple measures with high variability adds to the risk.⠀

Compared to people who had stable measurements during an average 5.5 year follow-up period, those with the highest amount of variability (in the upper 25 percent) on all measurements were:⠀

127 percent more likely to die;⠀
43 percent more likely to have a heart attack;⠀
41 percent more likely to have a stroke.⠀

“Healthcare providers should pay attention to the variability in measurements of a patient’s blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels as well as body weight. Trying to stabilize these measurements may be an important step in helping them improve their health,” said Seung-Hwan Lee,⠀

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