How fast should I walk?

To estimate the number of steps per minute (pace) that correlates with brisk or moderate walking, a team of researchers reviewed findings from 38 recent, high-quality studies. All of the studies tracked people’s walking pace, as well as other measures of effort, such as increases in heart and breathing rates.⠀

The studies included people ages 18 and older, although the average age in most of the studies was under 40. Even though the participants had a range of different body weights and fitness levels, researchers found that what constituted brisk or moderate walking was consistent across the studies: about 100 steps per minute (or about 2.7 miles per hour).⠀

However, these results don’t necessarily apply to older adults, who may reach moderate-intensity exercise levels at a cadence lower than 100 steps per minute, the authors point out. Other factors such as height (which affects the length of your stride) and health status could also influence an individual’s step count. The study was published in the June British Journal of Sports Medicine.⠀(Via Science Daily)

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