How to eat at a restaurant

1) Green based dish: Try to choose a dish which contains lots of vegetables in it, because vegetables are low in calories and loaded with vitamins. Do not hesitate to ask the staff if not sure, it happens particularly when you are trying new cuisine.

2) Nothing except water: Avoid having any drink except water with your meal, e.g. soft drinks, soda water, buttermilk, milk shakes etc. These drinks contain up to 300 calories which is way too much. So only water with your meal.

3) Buffet: Let me share my own practice here. Whenever I go to any Buffet restaurant or any marriage I go around and see the options, then I take a plate and start filling my dish with my most favourite food in small portion. This way you will eat less and avoid the food spoilage.

4) Share your dessert: I really suggest that you always share your desert, because as you know it’s loaded with fat and sugar. When you share with your friends or family you don’t eat lot of calories.

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