The game of Weight Loss or Gain.

The craziness is going on for more than 150 years and seems will continue for years to come. Get slim or healthy quickly desires have created 3 billion dollar yearly industry, which almost started 150 years ago. Don’t you believe me see these two advertise.

This obesity soap positively reduces body fat without dieting or gymnastics.
(A 1903 advertisement provided by The Advertising Archives)
A couple of Bile Beans taken nightly enables you to ‘slim while you sleep’ – Surely and Safely.
(A 1940s advertisement provided by The Advertising Archives)

Even before this, William Banting invented the low-carb diet in 1863.As you can see our desire for the easy fix has not been fulfilled for years. Also companies are regularly coming up with get slim and healthy quickly products/processes every other day. You must have heard and seen (few even tried) the pills, powders, restrictions, punishing at gym and the extreme option of surgery without much joy.

It’s not your fault because we are designed for instant gratification as we evolved. Thousands of years ago we had to hunt for hours to get food, now we can get it on click of a button. If we put effort into anything, the rewards should come quickly. Because of this tendency we are looking for less effort and maximum results.

The on demand economy has made us lazy. We still believe that by doing some fad diet or standing on a machine for few weeks, I’ll become the fittest and slimmest version of myself. Which you may but that doesn’t last long. Research suggests 95% of people regain their lost weight (with interest) within a year. These are the people who sees or hears someone and jump onto the bandwagon of get fit quickly. Most of the people we work with have gone through weight cycling (meaning losing and gaining same weight frequently).

We have written a lot about fad diets and its impact on health, so will spare you with our rant. Below are few articles could be helpful to learn more:

As people who are following us and work with us know, we focus on being healthy not skinny. For us healthy doesn’t mean you are having a perfect BMI and fat percentage in your body. It means restful sleep, great energy level (most of the days), your menstrual cycle (for female) is on time, you don’t get sick when weather changes, you don’t have any lifestyle diseases (diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol etc) and most of the time you are in good mood.

Obesity occurs when energy intake from food and drink consumption is greater than energy expenditure through the body’s metabolism and physical activity over a prolonged period, resulting in the accumulation of excess body fat. However there are many complex behavioural and societal factors that combine to contribute to the causes of obesity.

Most of the people and professionals talk about the first line in the above quote but no one considers the second line, which is as important to consider in the weight game as the first one. The weight science is complex and evolving although following factors mainly affect your weight loss or gain efforts:

  • Calorie intake
  • Physical activity
  • Hormones/Genes
  • Sleep pattern
  • Eating Patterns (emotional, non-hungry, with distractions, speed)
  • Stress
  • Metabolism
  • Outside food
  • Eating speed
  • Food portions
  • Frequency of eating
  • Water intake
  • Social structure
  • Glycaemic index of the food
  • Age
  • Sex

There is no silver bullet which works for everyone. But we have discovered lot of activities (if done regularly) which keeps you healthy for long time and increase lifespan.

Here’s the activities which will give you a healthy weight, body and mind:

Last page of our Ultimate You Health Transformation Program workbook

You might say, yes there is nothing new in this list – ‘I know everything’. We will say – knowing and doing (regularly) is different. We provide lots of resources on this site which will help achieve your weight (gain/loss) goal. The weight game requires persistence, perspiration and patience, it’s a lifelong game.

If we have to give one advice to anyone who is looking to change their health, it is – Select one change…only one habit per month. You can choose any habit – whatever you think will have the biggest impact on your weight life 🙂 .

Looking to improve your odds in the weight health game without cheating get in touch with us at or + 919979222322.

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