Our Non-Dieting Approach

  • Let your brain change your body.
  • Understand it’s not what you eat. It’s how, when and why you eat.
  • Focus on nourishment not punishment.
  • Banish food-related anxiety and guilt.
  • Ditch compulsive eating habits triggered by anything but hunger.
  • Reduce stress, which will naturally reduce your urge to eat.
  • Move more and unlock stress free life.

The 3 Dimensions


  • Life-changing mind skill lessons.
  • Reduce Stress and Improve Sleep.
  • Build habits for long term results.
  • Systematic Accountability and Support.


  • Simple weekly meal plans
  • Personalised to health needs
  • Save time & energy in the kitchen
  • Focus on Nourishment not Punishment


  • World-class fitness program.
  • Beginner to Advanced levels.
  • Train anywhere (home, outdoors or gym).
  • Focused on progress not perfection !

You lose laziness., unhealthy habits., emotional eating., Non-hungry eating.

You win healthy body., happy mind., cash prizes., better movement.

Our Offerings

Individual Consultation

These consultations will be according to the individual requirement (Loss or Gain). You can consult either nutritionist or psychologist (or both). Our NON DIETING approach produces long lasting results.

Eating Disorder Consultation

Eating disorders involve disturbed eating habits or weight control behaviour that disrupts a person’s physical and psycho-social functioning.We help you overcome mentally and physically.

Weight Loss Challenge

Learn to transform your meal, mind and movement with the 8 week program. This is a group program with a supportive competition. Where you will be provided personalised meal, mind and movement plan.

Corporate well-being Programs

Healthy employees are more focused and productive. We create programs to improve work and health satisfaction. The programs are designed according to organisation needs.

Your Coaches

Mrugank Patel

Mrugank (aka MP) is an Australian certified Psychotherapist and Coach. As a Coach, he is helping individuals maximize their potential for rich, full and meaningful life through evidence based behaviour science. He adds the missing piece of the weight loss puzzle, the mind. He helps build habits which can transform your eating, movement, weight and body-image.

Bhavika Patel

Bhavika is an Australian trained Nutrition and Diet Consultant. She believes that no food is best or bad, yes it does matter that how much and when are you eating. You can eat everything with portion size in moderation. She loves helping her clients achieve their fitness goals by providing simple meal and exercise plans which suit their lifestyle.

What our clients say

Real People, Real Results

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