Ultimate You crafts holistic health programs with the belief that wellness begins from the inside out. By integrating Meal, Mind and Movement coaching, we help you become the fittest, healthiest and happiest version of yourself.

From Monday, 23rd Sep 2019, we’re starting our health transformation program with few new clients.


Complementing not Complicating

Rather than providing complicated meal plans and gruelling workouts, our one habit a time approach will be complementing your current lifestyle.

Nourishment not Punishment

Our meal plans focus on improving your diet not punishing yourself with starvation. The nutritious meal plans and recipes will give you ton of energy to heal lifestyle diseases and live healthy. Learn it’s not what you eat. It’s how, when and why you eat.


Mindful not Mind full

Our Mindful Eating practices will help you overcome out of control cravings and emotional eating. You will banish food related anxiety and guilt trips of binge eating. Stress free mind will also help you avoid lifestyle diseases, improve sleep and reduce weight.

Habits not Goals

Our habit based nutrition coaching will help you create long term habits, not short term goals. These habits will keep you healthy whether you’re inspired or not. You will strive for Progress not Perfection.


Movement not Marathon

Our focus on active lifestyle will keep you energised all day without sweating like a bucket. The easy to do, no equipment and do it anywhere movement program will help you become fitter and keep you in good shape forever.

Practice not Principle

Most of us know principles of healthy living but not able to implement in daily practice. Our time management and accountability system will help you create regular movement and better body by progressively adding intensity and duration without stress.


Mrugank Patel

Mrugank (aka MP) is an Australian certified Psychotherapist and Coach. As a Coach, he is helping individuals maximize their potential for rich, full and meaningful life through evidence based behaviour science. He adds the missing piece of the weight loss puzzle, the mind. He helps build habits which can transform your eating, movement, weight and body-image.

Bhavika Patel

Bhavika is an Australian trained Nutrition and Diet Consultant. She believes that no food is best or bad, yes it does matter that how much and when are you eating. You can eat everything with portion size in moderation. She loves helping her clients achieve their fitness goals by providing simple meal and exercise plans which suit their lifestyle.



After years of continued learning and working with hundreds of people we have learnt, there is no one size fit all solution for healthy living. Most people who struggle with weight or health issues are actually pretty knowledgeable. Yet, for millions of people, the struggle to sustain their healthy lifestyle is overwhelming and futile.

We found there are lot of diets like Keto, Detox, Low-Carb, Mediterranean, Atkin and what not. There are lot of popular and so called quick and easy super slim exercises and machines. In almost all of the programs the biggest missing piece is the Mind which controls all our thoughts and actions. Also, most of the diet and exercise regimes fail when our life circumstances change.

We have designed Ultimate You as a process to design a healthy lifestyle not a product.  Our programs are customised according to your lifestyle, age, race, culture, job, blood markers and many more factors. We believe health management is part of a larger, whole-person, body-mind-spirit approach.