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Our Approach


Our approach is ‘Slow but Steady’. Most of the people want to change their body and in this quest of change people mostly choose the quick and dirty way. The changes are visible in the short term but not sustained in the long term.

If you are 35 year old, you would have had around 38000 meals (3 meals/day) in life. You would have eaten at certain time, certain meals with certain people. There would have been lifestyle diseases, stressors, sleep challenges etc. To change this ingrained lifestyle a systematic change approach is required on top of nutritional meals.

Our Habit Based Nutrition Coaching provides personalised Meal, Mind & Movement program. We create programs to make our clients the fittest, healthiest and happiest version of themselves. We employ cutting edge scientific techniques from behaviour science to build lasting healthy habits. Our meal plans are focused on nourishment not punishment to your body. Our movement plans are enjoyable and flexible for any age or fitness goals.

This unique and holistic approach produces transformative results for our clients.

Habit Based Nutrition Coaching will teach you to…

  • Avoid the most common mistake everyone makes when trying to lose weight.
  • Get off the dieting rollercoaster and lose weight eating what you love.
  • Learn it’s not What you eat, it’s Why, How and When you eat.
  • Get healthy for life without any gimmicks, pills or ridiculous diet rules.

We make sure that the body you really want aligns with the life you really enjoy.

Our Story


The story began in 2005, when we met and eventually got married. We both pursued our own professional interests and never had a wild thought of working together. It’s hard to live together , working is taking it to another level 🙂 (just kidding).

Bhavika became passionate about helping others live well, when she gained 25 Kgs during her pregnancies and successfully brought it down (twice). She understands how hard it is to change lifestyle after life changing events (kids).

Despite stressful work, family responsibilities and career change, Mrugank after 12 years can fit in her marriage clothes without single alteration.

We both eat, drink, stress, not exercise when life becomes either challenging or too good to be true. But we focus on overall lifestyle, moving well, stressing less and eating to nourish. We believe living healthy is like a (never ending) marathon not a sprint.

Mrugank was into building Mental Fitness and Bhavika into Physical Fitness. We saw, the people who were seeking diets to manage their weight were using willpower to change their bodies. During the initial motivation period, they were happy to do anything you ask. But this was not sustainable after few weeks. We saw they were not having Right Mindskills to Get to Right Weight.

There are lot of get slim quickly solutions around, which was not educating people about lasting change. Thus, we combined our skills to help people become healthy not skinny.

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